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CA Independent Living (Vendor No. HQ1884) leads the way in Independent Living Skills (ILS) training for clients with developmental disabilities. Our tailored approach ensures that each individual receives personalized training suited to their unique needs. By collaborating closely with the client, their caregiver, the service coordinator, and our experienced staff, we develop a detailed Personalized Support Plan (PSP) to address their specific needs and aspirations.


Communication Skills

Clients will learn valuable communication skills through engaging in role-play conversations. They’ll discover how to make eye contact and maintain appropriate distance for effective communication.

Awareness and Security

Clients will learn about home safety, including what to do in case of fire or earthquake. They will also learn when to call the police, fire department, or emergency services for assistance.

Social Skills

Clients will be encouraged to learn and meet in local areas, participating in group activities and making new friends. This helps them feel comfortable outside their homes and at social gatherings in public.

Money Management

Clients will receive training on money concepts, management, and budgeting.

Finding New Residence

We will assist clients in locating new affordable housing residences, and if needed, we will help them apply for Section 8 vouchers.

Meal Preparation

Clients will acquire skills in planning, shopping, and cooking simple meals, while also learning about kitchen safety and how to use kitchen appliances

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Our Mission

Our mission is driven by a deep commitment to providing personalized training and support for our clients with disabilities. We firmly believe in empowering our clients to live independently and fully integrate into their communities. We recognize that every person, regardless of their disability, should have the opportunity to reside in their community with dignity, respect, and equal rights.

Our dedication lies in promoting inclusivity in all aspects of life. We actively work to break down barriers and challenge societal norms that may hinder the full integration of our clients with disabilities. We strive to create an environment where everyone can participate, contribute, and thrive without facing discrimination or prejudice.


Our Objective and Vision

CA Independent Living is driven by a primary objective: to significantly enhance the overall quality of life for all our clients. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach that focuses on enabling clients to live in their preferred communities and homes, granting them a sense of agency, self-sufficiency, and control over their own lives. By offering this level of independence, we strive to ensure our clients can lead fulfilling and satisfying lives.

To support our clients on their journey toward greater independence, we provide targeted structured training programs. These programs are designed to equip our clients with the necessary skills to navigate various aspects of their daily lives effectively. Key areas of focus include managing their living space, ensuring cleanliness and orderliness in their environment, preparing meals that meet their dietary needs and preferences, and effectively managing their finances. By honing these essential skills, our clients are empowered to take charge of their own lives and make informed decisions.


Want To Live Better?

We believe the best way to provide Independent Living training is by delivering them in the natural setting where the learned skills will be regularly utilized.

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All services provided by CA Independent Living are geared towards equipping our clients with the necessary tools and resources to develop learned strategies.

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