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CA Independent Living (Vendor No. HQ1884) leads the way in Independent Living Skills (ILS) training for clients with developmental disabilities. Our tailored approach ensures that each individual receives personalized training suited to their unique needs. By collaborating closely with the client, their caregiver, the service coordinator, and our experienced staff, we develop a detailed Personalized Support Plan (PSP) to address their specific needs and aspirations.

Furthermore, we firmly believe that true independence and self-sufficiency are closely tied to living in the community and having control over one’s own life. With this in mind, CA Independent Living strives to empower clients by enabling them to choose the home environment that aligns best with their preferences and needs. This freedom of choice enables clients to shape their living situations in ways that promote their overall well-being and instill a sense of ownership and autonomy.


To ensure that clients thrive in their chosen homes, CA Independent Living provides targeted training in key areas crucial to daily life. This includes imparting essential skills such as effective management of personal living spaces, maintaining cleanliness and orderliness, preparing nutritious meals, and responsibly handling finances. By equipping clients with these practical abilities, they are better prepared to navigate the challenges of everyday life, experience a sense of accomplishment, and maintain control over their living environment.

Furthermore, CA Independent Living recognizes the immense value of community engagement and social inclusion. We actively support clients in increasing their participation and presence within their communities. Through well-designed and tailored training programs, clients develop social skills, establish meaningful connections, and actively contribute to the community around them. This focus on community integration not only enhances independence but also fosters a sense of belonging, fulfillment, and social well-being.

By offering personalized support, comprehensive training, and fostering active community involvement, CA Independent Living endeavors to empower clients with developmental disabilities to lead fulfilling lives as self-sufficient members of their communities. Our commitment transcends basic assistance, aiming to cultivate an environment where clients can realize their fullest potential and enjoy an enhanced quality of life characterized by independence, dignity, and inclusion.

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All services provided by CA Independent Living are geared towards providing clients with the necessary tools and resources to develop learned strategies.

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