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Communication Skills

Clients will learn valuable communication skills through engaging in role-play conversations. They’ll discover how to make eye contact and maintain appropriate distance for effective communication.

Awareness and Security

Clients will learn about home safety, including what to do in case of fire or earthquake. They will also learn when to call the police, fire department, or emergency services for assistance.

Social Skills

Clients will be encouraged to learn and meet in local areas, participating in group activities and making new friends. This helps them feel comfortable outside their homes and at social gatherings in public.

Money Management

Clients will receive training on money concepts, management, and budgeting.

Finding New Residence

We will assist clients in locating new affordable housing residences, and if needed, we will help them apply for Section 8 vouchers.

Meal Preparation

Clients will acquire skills in planning, shopping, and cooking simple meals, while also learning about kitchen safety and how to use kitchen appliances

Public Transportation

Clients will be trained in public transportation, covering walking to bus stops, understanding routes and tickets, boarding safely, and communicating destinations to drivers.

Local Shopping

Clients will visit local stores to familiarize themselves with the neighborhood and differentiate between stores based on specific needs.

Mastering Calendar & To-Do List

Clients will learn how to use a calendar, create a to-do list, and successfully complete tasks from the list.

Job & Volunteer Finding Assistance

Let us help you find the perfect job or volunteer role! We’ll assist with resume creation/modification and guide you to the ideal opportunity.

College Class Support

Ready to enroll in college classes, either in-person or online? Let us guide you through the process and support you every step of the way, from navigating your classes to acing tests and completing homework.

Written Driving Test Assistance

Need help to pass your written driving test? We’re here to assist you every step of the way, from studying to practice tests, so you can successfully pass.

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Our Curriculum

CA Independent Living believes that the best way to provide Independent Living Services is by delivering them in the natural setting where the learned skills will be utilized regularly. This usually is at the clients’ place of residence.

 To achieve this, a personalized approach is taken, with a one-to-one ratio of staff member to client. The aim is to enable clients to acquire functional life skills that will lead to an improved quality of life.

 CA Independent Living coordinates its services with interfacing agencies to ensure clients experience success across all areas of their lives. The goal is to equip clients with self-reliance and independence, and to enhance social interaction and acceptance with non-disabled peers.

 Although the agency does not provide employment services, it believes it can still help clients improve their chances of success in the workplace by providing vocational skills training in areas such as time management, work ethic, appropriate socialization, and appearance.

 CA Independent Living personalizes all its services to meet the distinct needs of each client, including age-appropriate activities, and their schedules. The primary objective of these services is to provide clients with the necessary resources and tools to develop effective skills and strategies, enabling them to lead independent lives. This tailored approach guarantees that clients receive the specific support they require to accomplish their objectives.

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CA Independent Living believes that the best way to provide Independent Living training is by delivering them in the natural setting where the learned skills will be utilized regularly.

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All services provided by CA Independent Living are geared towards providing individuals with the necessary tools and resources to develop learned strategies.

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